“Panic at the Pond”

So now, we have this pond, with koi, and some instruction on what to do with the equipment, and some without. As pond keepers we go about our life, enjoying the koi, feeding them, taking pictures of them, until one day, something goes wrong.

A fish swims the wrong way, or not like the others, a koi develops a red mark, raised scale, or even worse we find a deceased koi – every pond keeper’s nightmare!

What to do? What to do? The “panic at the pond” begins.

Koi Pond Water Quality

The number one requirement your koi fish need is clean, oxygenated water that is free from toxins. There is a saying that we are not just koi keepers, but water quality keepers. If the koi pond water contains toxins such as high ammonia, nitrite, and pH, the koi will not do well and may even …

muddy koi pond

Effects of Rain in the Pond

Learn how rain water can potentially harm your pond and koi with polluted water, dangerous runoff, toxic chemicals, and debris. Be sure to measure your water pH and kH.