“Panic at the Pond”

So now, we have this pond, with koi, and some instruction on what to do with the equipment, and some without. As pond keepers we go about our life, enjoying the koi, feeding them, taking pictures of them, until one day, something goes wrong.

A fish swims the wrong way, or not like the others, a koi develops a red mark, raised scale, or even worse we find a deceased koi – every pond keeper’s nightmare!

What to do? What to do? The “panic at the pond” begins.

Cold Water Effects on Koi

This article is written by Rosimeri Tran, KHA, to discuss the effects of cold pond water temperature on koi and how the koi are affected by vast water temperature changes. Cold pond water temperatures in our region that range from approximately 40°F to 45°F during the winter months cause the biological filter (bio-filter) to work …

Fall Koi Pond Care Tips

By now, you should be feeling the cool, fall weather of the Central Valley. The koi in the pond are likely noticing the weather change, as well. Below are some Fall pond care suggestions to help guide you and your koi pond friends into the upcoming colder months. Remove Falling Leaves Keep the koi pond …