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There are many reasons to join the Central California Koi Society (CCKS). All koi and pond keepers are welcome in CCKS, whether you are looking to build a pond, have a small pond, or your pond is the size of a swimming pool or lake! CCKS members enjoy:

  • Gaining koi and pond keeping knowledge;
  • Learning about new equipment, food, and pond treatments;
  • Access to free and discounted products;
  • Socializing with a diverse group of koi and pond hobbyists. 

While the art and culture of koi keeping has been a tradition for centuries, many new and knowledgeable koi and pond keepers experience challenges. CCKS and our knowledgeable members can help!

So, what happens at a CCKS club meeting? You get to enjoy seeing a variety of ponds, landscapes, filtration systems, and koi. CCKS members each have unique eco-systems and set ups at their homes. Meetings are friendly and social, yet informative with a koi health or pond topic presentation followed by a Q&A session. Meeting topics include:

  • Pond Construction
  • Types of Filtration
  • Filter Construction and Media
  • Water Quality
  • Seasonal Maintenance
  • Koi Nutrition
  • Koi Health & Treatment of Disease
  • Koi Classifications
  • Koi Breeding
  • Koi Selection

So, don’t struggle with your pond, become a CCKS member to get your questions answered and join the koi kichi community! Annual membership is only $40 per family.

Please fill out the form below to become a member and pay for your membership using the PayPal link below. A representative will contact you once processed, and your membership dues are received.

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