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There are many reasons to join the Central California Koi Society (CCKS). All koi and pond keepers are welcome in CCKS, whether you are looking to build a pond, have a small pond, or your pond is the size of a swimming pool or lake! CCKS members enjoy:

  • Gaining koi and pond-keeping knowledge;
  • Learning about new equipment, food, and pond treatments;
  • Access to free and discounted products;
  • Socializing with a diverse group of koi and pond hobbyists. 

While the art and culture of koi keeping has been a tradition for centuries, many new and knowledgeable koi and pond keepers experience challenges. CCKS and our knowledgeable members can help!

So, what happens at a CCKS Pond Tour? You get to enjoy seeing a variety of ponds, landscapes, filtration systems, and koi. CCKS members each have unique ecosystems and setups at their homes. Pond Tours are friendly and social, yet informative with a koi health or pond topic presentation followed by a Q&A session. Topics include:

  • Pond Construction
  • Types of Filtration
  • Filter Construction and Media
  • Water Quality
  • Seasonal Maintenance
  • Koi Nutrition
  • Koi Health & Treatment of Disease
  • Koi Classifications
  • Koi Breeding
  • Koi Selection

So, don’t struggle with your pond, become a CCKS member to get your questions answered and join the koi kichi community! Annual membership is only $40 per family.

Please fill out the form below to become a member and pay for your membership using the PayPal link below. You will be contacted once processed, and your membership dues are received.

Membership Renewal

CCKS memberships are automatically renewed each year. Current members need to pay their $40 annual membership dues by March 30th. Dues can be paid online through the PayPal link below or mailed.

Renewing members do not need to complete a new membership form each year.

If you need to update your contact information or have any questions about membership renewal, email us at

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