SHIRO UTSURI – (she-ro oot-sir-ee) Black and white koi.  Black appears as bands around the body.  Black on some portion of the head and motoguro on pectoral fins is desirable.

KOROMO/GOSHIKI KOROMO – (koh-roe-moh) Base of this koi is of a Kohaku, with scalation on red pattern outlined with blue or black.  Varieties include Ai Goromo, Sumi Goromo and Budo Goromo.

GOSHIKI – (go-she-key) White koi with red Kohaku like pattern and black reticulation on the scales.

ASAGI/SHUSUI ASAGI – (ah saw-gee) Light blue koi, dark blue or black netting of the scales, and orange or red pectorals and red below lateral line.

SHUSUI – (shoo-sue-ee) Scaleless version of the Asagi. The red can be higher on the body. Large zipper like scales run along the top of the koi from head to tail.

KOHAKU – (co-hah-ku) White Koi with bold red patches.  The most popular variety of koi.

SANKE – (sawn-kay) White koi with red patches like a Kohaku and black spots on the upper half of the body.  With occasional black stripes on pectoral fins or tail.

SHOWA – (sho-wah) Black, red and white Koi.  Black appears as bands around the body.  Black is often seen at the base of the pectoral fins (motoguro) and on the head.

TANCHO – (tawn-choe) White koi with a red, circular spot on the head and no other red on the body.  Other varieties can include: Tancho Showa, Sanke, Goshiki.

BEKKO  – (beh-koh)  White koi with black spots on top half of body, above lateral line.  No black should be found on head but will be from shoulder to back of tail.

KIN/GIN RIN – Any koi variety can be Kin or Gin Rin. Kin is a metallic sheen on the skin and Gin Rin is glittering or diamond scales. As seen here in this Gin Rin Ochiba.

HIKARI MUJI – Metallic single colored koi, including: Platinum Ogon, Yamabuki Ogon, Orengi Ogon and Kin Matsuba.

HIKARI MOYO – White koi with two or more metallic colors. Kojaku is shown here.

HIKARI UTSURI  – Metallic black body, which carries a second color, which may be white, red or yellow.  Varieties include:  Gin Shiro Utsuri, Kin Showa, and Kin Ki Utsuri.