CCKS Grow Out Competition

The Central California Koi Society (CCKS) is hosting its 2024 Grow Out Competition for a fun, friendly, and educational opportunity to grow out a first-year (tosai) koi. This is an opportunity to get a high-quality koi at a great value.

Champion Koi in San Jose, CA, is sponsoring the Grow Out and has sourced some beautiful, high-quality kohaku from Saito Koi Farm in Japan.

SATURDAY, MAY 4, 2024 | 2:00 pm
(After the Dr. Sanders event at Shinzen Friendship Garden)

$100 each Koi for CCKS Members
$150 each Koi for Non-CCKS Members (
Join CCKS for only $40 and get the $100 price)

How it Works:

  • Champion Nishikigoi sourced kohaku from Saito Koi Farm in Japan.
  • Select from 30 beautiful tosai (first-year) kohaku, no limit!
  • Draw a number for each koi selection order.
  • Each koi comes with a certificate from CCKS.
  • Grow koi at home pond through September.
  • Koi judged at Fresno Koi Show, Sunday, Sept. 29, 2024, for size and quality.
  • Top 2 Grow Out winners win prizes.

CCKS Grow Out Sign Up

To sign up for the 2024 CCKS Grow Out Competition, email

Sponsored by

Champion Nishikigoi in San Jose