About CCKS

Founded in 1978, the Central California Koi Society (CCKS) is a 501c-3 non-profit organization that belonged to the Associated Koi Clubs of America (AKCA) until 2022. CCKS is now an independent koi club.

Pond tours are hosted at members’ homes so you can see other ponds, koi fish, and eco-systems. The gatherings are fun, informative, and include presentations and discussions of topics to help improve koi and pond keeping such as koi varieties, breeding methods, pond construction, filtering techniques, fish health, and treatment.

CCKS hosts its annual Fresno Koi Show in the fall that’s open to the public. Enthusiasts exhibit their koi for competition and judges from around the country critique for best quality, variety, and size. Awards are presented at an evening Awards Banquet. CCKS members volunteer their time and knowledge at this important community event.

CCKS partners with the Shinzen Friendship Garden and participates in some of their events to share information about the hobby near their koi pond.

Members can attend seminars and koi shows in other parts of the state and country to connect with koi enthusiasts. Other activities include koi rescue, potlucks, and visiting koi dealers outside the area.

An email newsletter is sent to members with information about club activities, koi health, koi keeping best practices, pond maintenance and equipment, and CCKS partners.  

Central California Koi Society’s membership fee for one year is an affordable $40 per family.


  • Create, promote, and enlarge the hobby of keeping, breeding, appreciating, and exhibiting koi.
  • Disseminate information about the hobby to members and the public.
  • Engage in educational and social activities related to the hobby.
  • Provide an opportunity to interact with other hobbyists.

Central California Koi Society History

The Central California Koi Society (CCKS) was founded in 1978 in Fresno, California, with the help of Duncan Water Gardens. The founding members were a private group of koi enthusiasts that came together to promote and enlarge the hobby of koi keeping, breeding, and exhibiting koi in the Fresno area. Now the CCKS is open for all enthusiasts to join.

CCKS was a member of the parent club, “Associated Koi Clubs of America,” which at one time had over 100 registered individual Koi Clubs across America until it disbanded in 2022.

The first CCKS Koi Shows were held at Duncan Water Gardens until the late 1980’s when it moved to the Fig Garden Village parking lot. In 2019, the Fresno Koi Show was moved to its current location at Woodward Park in partnership with the Shinzen Friendship Garden. CCKS holds its annual Fresno Koi Show once a year on the last weekend of September or first weekend of October.

CCKS Officers and Board Members

2024-2025 Officers

President:Lisa Lamoure
Vice President:Richele Kleiser
Treasurer:Rosimeri Tran

    2024-2025 Board of Directors

Ryan Kleiser
Al Fries
Harry Fayter
Erwin Santos