Whether you are a koi kichi (koi fanatic), novice, or looking to start raising koi, we encourage you to check out our organization. CCKS members are happy to offer their guidance and expertise, and can answer your questions about koi keeping and pond building/maintenance.

Our purpose is to create, promote, and enlarge the hobby of keeping, breeding, appreciating, and exhibiting koi.

If you raise koi or are considering building a koi pond, you should join CCKS! Membership is $40 per year for a family, and you’ll get loads of information, tips for pond keeping and meet great people.

Latest News

  • Quarantine Your New Koi
    The purchase of a new koi is an investment in expanding your koi hobby. Adding the new arrival to your pond is super exciting, as you want to see the new koi swimming with the rest of your koi. But introducing this new koi to your pond without proper precautions could brew trouble. First, this …
  • September 2023 K.O.I. News
    CCKS subscribes to K.O.I. News! for CCKS members. View and download the September news article below.
  • Identifying Parasites on Koi Fish
    An important aspect of good koi husbandry is being able to identify when our koi are sick and how to treat them without performing any shotgun treatment.  Koi fish are an investment and like any investment the more knowledge we have the better we can care for that investment, and get long-term results.  Below is …