Whether you are a koi kichi (koi fanatic), novice, or looking to start raising koi, we encourage you to check out our organization. CCKS members are happy to offer their guidance and expertise, and can answer your questions about koi keeping and pond building/maintenance.

Our purpose is to create, promote, and enlarge the hobby of keeping, breeding, appreciating, and exhibiting koi.

If you raise koi or are considering building a koi pond, you should join CCKS! Membership is $40 per year for a family, and you’ll get loads of information, tips for pond keeping and meet great people.

Latest News

  • Effects of Rain in the Pond
    Learn how rain water can potentially harm your pond and koi with polluted water, dangerous runoff, toxic chemicals, and debris. Be sure to measure your water pH and kH.
  • 2023 Fresno Koi Show Announced
    2023 Fresno Koi Show hosted by the Central California Koi Society in partnership with Shinzen Friendship Garden
  • K.O.I. News! February 2023
    CCKS subscribes to K.O.I. News! for CCKS members. View and download the February news article below.