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The Central California Koi Society (CCKS) was founded in 1978 in Fresno, California with the help of Duncan Water Gardens.
The founding members were a group of Koi enthusiasts that came together to promote and enlarge the hobby of Koi keeping, breeding,
and exhibiting Koi in the Fresno area. CCKS soon became a member of the parent club “Associated Koi Clubs of America” (AKCA).
Today the AKCA is 104 registered individual Koi Clubs across America. The first CCKS Koi Shows were held at Duncan Water Gardens
until the late 1980’s and since then held at Fig Garden Village located on the corner of Palm and Shaw Avenue, in Fresno.<br><br>

CCKS holds their annual Koi Show once a year on the first weekend of October. The Koi show is set up as any other type of animal
show with a Grand Champion, Grand Champion Runner Up, Best Mature, Best Young and Best in Size; categories are in five sizes with
a first, second and third place for fourteen verities. Each Koi entered in the show is categorized by the variety and size of the fish.
The Koi are then judged according to body conformation, pattern, and color.

CCKS meetings are held once a month and members are encouraged to host a general meeting in their home. At each meeting club members
talk about pond maintenance, Koi health and Koi varieties. CCKS also participates in different activities around the Fresno community
such as the Home and Garden Show and has participated in the Shinzen Fall and Spring Cultural Fair at Woodward Park.<br><br>

Membership for Central California Koi Society is $40.00 for a year membership per family. Membership includes monthly newsletter and a discount on a year subscription to the AKCA magazine “Koi USA”.

Membership Application(PDF)

Membership Application
  • 1 Year membership in the Central California Koi Society: 35$
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  • For more information please contact Rosimeri Tran at (559) 970-8508

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