Our mission is to create, promote, and enlarge the hobby of keeping, breeding, appreciating, and exhibiting Koi.


Central California Koi Society is to be recognized for providing opportunities for other koi hobbyists to engage
in educational and social activities related to the hobby.


To empower our members to achieve the knowledge needed to maintain healthy ponds, healthy koi and recognize koi
varieties by providing monthly member meetings; to serve all members with integrity and respect, as this is the
foundation of our excellence; to focus on teamwork as it directly relates to the success of our club; and to create
a solid community relationship.

6 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I’m going to be closing my pond down at 65,000 gallon pond I have approximately 400 to 600 koi from 6 inches to 30 inches would like to sell them give me a call at 559-765-4603

  2. I’m wondering if your Koi group is aware the H&E nursery in north Fresno (near Riverpark) is going out of business.
    Koi ponds there looking sad. I’m wondering what will happen to the Koi there???
    Perhaps people in your group might look into it? Thanks Melody

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